Software for download

The following software tools have been developed in our lab and are available for download. Please click on the individual software titles for further information and instructions on how to obtain the software.


Single-molecule parameter estimation

An application to localize single molecules using various estimators, point-spread function models, and noise models, with additional capabilities of visualizing and exporting results. More... Download...


Single-molecule localization/resolution accuracy

A tool to calculate localization/resolution accuracy limits in 2D/3D, i.e. to calculate Fisher information matrix (FIM) and Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB), which can aid in the design and execution of imaging experiments. More... Download...


Microscopy image analysis

A software application designed for viewing and processing large multi-dimensional sets of image data, with capabilites to perform image adjustements, generate overlays, and many other functionalities. More... Download...


Designing the focal plane spacing for MUM

A toolbox, under the FandPLimitTool, for the design of the focal plane spacing for MUM setups with up to 10 focal planes. This toolbox can calculate the Fisher information matrix (FIM) and the Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) in real-time for different focal planes, and therefore can help in optimizing MUM experiments. More... Download...


Surface plasmon resonance data analysis

A software environment to analyze surface plasmon resonance analysis data such as that originating from a BIAcore or similar instruments, with the ability to work on data sets in an automated fashion. More... Download...

We won the 1st place in 2016 Single molecule localization microscopy challenge , Lausanne, Switzerland (see News for details).